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Oncologic Procedures

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Oncologic Procedures

Diagnosing cancer in your pet and then being faced with the decision of performing surgery is often a difficult one. By the time tumors are finally diagnosed, they may have advanced extensively. It’s critical to your pet’s healthy to know if the cancer has spread and, if so, how far before deciding on surgery. Before surgery, procedures such as abdominal ultrasound, chest x-rays, and bloodwork can be performed to ensure the cancer hasn’t spread. Having an experienced surgeon manage the tumors is vital to achieving the best possible outcome for your pet, considering an aggressive approach is required in most cases of cancer-related surgeries.

The best chance to successfully remove a tumor is in the first attempt. Surgery is the most important component in treating solid tumors in dogs and cats. Your pet will be evaluated thoroughly before treatment since pre/post-operative treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation, are critical before making any definitive decisions. This requires a wide breadth of knowledge and a team approach.

The VVS team (both Internal Medicine and Surgery specialties) have a wealth of experience and expertise in treating cancer in dogs and cats. Decisions and recommendations are made only with the animals’ best possible quality of life in mind.