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Virginia Veterinary Specialists

About Us

VVS is a privately owned and operated specialized referral veterinary hospital, which encourages a collaborative environment which works closely with your primary care veterinarian. In conjunction with you, we customize your pet’s care to deliver a transparent and inclusive experience. We strive to obtain the highest level of veterinary care and compassion for our clients and patients. If you feel your pet is in need of premium specialized veterinary attention, we invite you to contact us or talk with your veterinarian about a possible referral. To learn more about us please view our Who We Are page.


We offer a wide range of services to your pet, everything from surgery to oncology. We’ll be there when your family needs us most.

Internal Medicine

At Virginia Veterinary Specialists, we understand how important your pet is, and you can rest assured that with a board-certified internist, your doctor has the expert knowledge and experience needed to provide a smooth and long-term recovery.


Virginia Veterinary Specialists specializes in state-of-the-art surgical services for your companions. We offer various minimally invasive procedures specifically designed to reduce discomfort and facilitate a speedy recovery, including CT scans, complex orthopedic, soft tissue, and neurosurgical procedures.


We will provide you and your pet with long-term support and manage your pet’s cardiac disease by working closely with your family veterinarian.


We will work with you and your pet and tailor each treatment protocol to allow effective cancer treatment while minimizing major side effects.


Pet rehabilitation is a specialized field that focuses on helping your pet recover from injuries or surgeries through tailored exercise and therapy programs.

Client Reviews

We love our patients and clients!

We know you have many choices when choosing the best veterinary care for your pet, and we’re happy that you’ve decided to join the Virginia Veterinary Specialists family.

Excellent customer service. Dr. Paling (Cardiologist) is clear, concise, and compassionate. I highly recommend VA Vet Specialists for specialty vet care.


Christi H.

VA Vet Specialists are #1 on the list for qualified board-certified Veterinarians in all of central VA. The Vets and their supporting staff are knowledgable and professional.

Special thank you to Dr. Carrie Miller for the quality care you’ve extended to my pets over the past ten years!


Penny E.

Thank you all so very much. It was the best experience I have ever had and I wasn’t the patient. Our little Staffordshire Terrier needed expert attention for a completely torn ligament of her leg. We were completely relieved after meeting Dr. Sara Shillinger, who did the operation. We felt totally relieved after Sara spent the time explaining the process. Very happy parents of our little girl. Thank You so very much.

Brion and Jackie C.

I couldn’t be happier with their services so far!! Dr. Kevin Stiffler is going to save my pup’s leg after my vet wanted to take it! Took extra needed X-rays and told me 1000x’s more on what was really going on with my dog! If I ever happen to need their services again, I won’t hesitate to call!


Amanda T.